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7 Concrete Facebook Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Author:   Michael Griffiths

Date created:   19 December 2016

[postpic=fbGrowth.png class=img-responsive center-block title=7 Concrete Facebook Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow by Michael Griffiths of Griffiths Web Design alt=7 Concrete Facebook Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow by Michael Griffiths of Griffiths Web Design style=][/postpic] [l]Facebook is everywhere you look these days and as a business owner you’ve no doubt heard people go on and on about using Facebook for business purposes. I am going to assume that by reading this you are already trying to use Facebook for business or are at least looking to start. Brilliant! The first obstacle has been successfully circumvented. You are now ready to start basking in the glory of social media. But hang on a minute Facebook has 1.4 billion active users each month, so how the hell do we get noticed in this sea of digital information and cat videos? Well that takes a little work. I know it can be quite a daunting task but with the 7 tips that I am about to divulge you will be, I hope, a little more prepared to tackle the beast that is Facebook.[/l] [hdmd]So without further ado here is my 7 tips for effective Facebook marketing:[/hdmd] [hdsm]1) Get to know your audience.[/hdsm] [postpic=person-1831160_640.png class=img-responsive center-block title=Get to know your target audience alt=Get to know your target audience style=][/postpic] [l]This is the most important tip of them all, that’s why it’s number 1! If you post blindly without having done any research on your target audience then you will have little to no hope of reaching them and if you do it will be due to luck rather than your efforts. The best case scenario is that you will post, post, post but without any engagement from your audience. The worst case scenario is that you alienate any audience you may have and cause irreparable damage to your businesses reputation and public image. The moral of this little tale is that you need to figure out what makes your target audience tick in order to connect with them in any meaningful way.[/l] [hdsm]2) Timing is key to success[/hdsm] [postpic=pocket-watch-1637396_640.jpg class=img-responsive center-block title=Its all in the timing alt=Its all in the timing style=][/postpic] [l]This tip comes hand in hand with tip 1. You need to find out when your target audience is most active on Facebook. This is when you send out your most important updates. There is no point in sending them out when your target audience is not even online. There are lots of articles around on the internet that will advise a specific time. Ignore them! They don’t know your target audience, only you do.[/l] [hdsm]3) Keep it on track[/hdsm] [postpic=boots-181744_640.jpg class=img-responsive center-block title=Keep your updates on track alt=Keep your updates on track style=][/postpic] [l]This tip also ties in with tip 1. Your updates need to be relevant to your business and to your target audience. Your audience will only like and share your content if they feel that it is relevant or interesting enough. Likes and shares are like gold on Facebook. If you want your post to be spread around then you have to make sure that people want to and the only way to do that is to make sure that it is relevant to them.[/l] [hdsm]4) Not too heavy on the old sales pitch![/hdsm] [postpic=market-1154999_640.jpg class=img-responsive center-block title=Steady on now with that sales pitch alt=Sell gently, people hate to be force fed style=][/postpic] [l]This is a point that I cannot stress enough. I know you want to sell your products and services but no one, and I do mean no one, will want to follow a page whose only posts consist of “Pleas buy product blah….” People will only follow a page if it is of interest to them. They certainly do not want their news feed filled with bland sales pitches. Try to stick to just one or two sales pitch posts a day, your audience will thank you for it.[/l] [hdsm]5) ALWAYS include an eye catching image[/hdsm] [postpic=smm.png class=img-responsive center-block title=Nice and bright. alt=Who doesn't like colourful images? style=][/postpic] [l]This tip is proven to increase the amount of post engagement by a considerable amount. Just make certain the image is relevant to the post. Use only good quality images, random photos taken on your IPhone will not cut it. Try to use bright colourful images, but only if it fits with the post, as people tend to respond more positively to colourful images.[/l] [hdsm]6) Be active and communicative[/hdsm] [postpic=group-1825509_640.jpg class=img-responsive center-block title=Talk to people, that's the point of social media alt=Talk to people, that's the point of social media style=][/postpic] [l]The tip is of super importance. People want to see that there is a person behind that profile, not just a company. Facebook is an informal public forum and you would do well to remember that when people make a decision to purchase a product or service it’s not just about the product it is also about how much they like you. So it is important to try to connect with people on a personal level (just try to remember there are limits to just how personal you should be). Make sure you respond to comments on your posts and try to comment on others posts as well. The more your target audience sees you engaging with them the more they will trust you which results in more sales.[/l] [hdsm]7) Make sure every post is well written, grammatically correct and spelled correctly[/hdsm] [postpic=check-145415_640.png class=img-responsive center-block title=Don't do a Trump, avoid his unpresidented mistake alt=Get it right before you publish style=][/postpic] [l]This tip may go without saying but you’d be surprised how many posts from ‘companies’ look like they have been written by a small child. These posts do not inspire any confidence, nor do they encourage me to engage with them. It makes the poster look unprofessional. Use a word processing program, like Microsoft word, to type out your posts. Once you are happy with the spelling and grammar run it through a text to speech program (Microsoft word does have one included) to see how it sounds. Then if you are happy with the result you can post it. I sometimes get my fiancé to read some of my posts. She knows nothing about web development or marketing so if my posts make sense to her they must be on the right track, I hope![/l] [hdmd]So there you have it [b]7 easy to implement[/b] nuggets of Facebook gold. Have you got anything to add?[/hdmd] [postpic=feedback-1825508_1280.jpg class=img-responsive center-block title=Tell me what you think and let me know if i've missed anything out alt=Tell me what you think and let me know if i've missed anything out style=][/postpic] [l]Do you have any tips that I have not included? Add them in the comments and when I come back to update the post I will add them to the list. What have been your most successful tactics on Facebook? Do you have any questions or comments about this post or social media marketing in general? Get in touch, I love to hear different viewpoints maybe even debate a thing or two, who knows![/l] [l]Thanks for reading, I hope you find these tips useful. Please share this post around via any social channels you like or email etc.[/l]

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My name is Michael Griffiths, I am a website designer and developer and the owner of Griffiths Web Design. I am based in Royston, Hertfordshire. Most of my work is local, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Essex etc. but that’s not to say I won’t work elsewhere. One of the wonders of modern technology is remote working. So no matter where the client is located it is always possible to connect.

I specialise in creating ASP.NET webforms applications using C#. I use Microsoft SQL Server for database development and on the front end I use Html, CSS and JavaScript. I am also proficient in the use of jQuery and several CSS frameworks.

One of my greatest passions in life is learning. Which is why I chose to pursue a career in web design and development, technology is in a state of constant and rapid evolution which means there is always something new to learn. I also enjoy writing, both fiction and non-fiction.


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