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Using Facebook groups to advertise your local service effectively and for free

Author:   Michael Griffiths

Date created:   16 December 2016

[postpic=smm.png class=img-responsive center-block title=Using Facebook groups to advertise your local service effectively and for free alt=Using Facebook groups to advertise your local service effectively and for free style=][/postpic] [l]So you’ve just started a new business aimed at your local area. Everywhere you go you are told that advertising is the key to success. I don’t know about you but when I started my business I had an advertising budget of £0. So when you are in a situation like mine what do you do? Well the first thing I did was reach out to friends and family, which brought me exactly one job (which I did for free).[/l] [l]I built a site for a friend, who was very happy and I was pleased with the result. Great, I thought, this will give me something to show the world then I’ll be flying. Sadly this was not the case, in-fact very far from it. I had lots of compliments on my work but no more jobs. I started to feel as if I had wasted my time. [/l] [l]I have a Facebook business page but I was really struggling to get enough visitors and likes to generate some custom. I did all the things that the marketers say you should do, post regularly etc., but I found this to make no noticeable difference. All the while my personal Facebook profile was a resource that was left untapped. Sure I’d tried to connect with the influencers in my niche blah blah blah but I still had not generated any sales, which at the end of the day is the entire point of starting a business. While I sound rather unenthused about meeting these people it really was valuable. I met some great characters and learned many new things.[/l] [l]I was browsing the ‘for sale’ groups locally and noticed local businesses had started to post in them. Most of these adverts were badly written, some barely even made sense. Yet these adverts were receiving lots of exposure in their local areas. I decided to give it a go, although I make sure mine are well written and engaging while getting straight to the point.[/l] [l]Due to the success I have found through this I wanted to share with you the steps so you too can benefit from all those potential customers.[/l] [hdmd]The steps[/hdmd] [l][b]Step 1 –[/b] Find and join local for sale groups in Facebook.[/l] [l]This is an important step because this will determine the potential areas you could be working in, so set yourself a limit of where you are willing to travel etc. There is no point advertising in groups that target somewhere on the other side of the country. Also set a limit to the number of groups you join. You will need to be able to easily identify which groups bring engagement and which don’t. Also if you need to make a change to your advert it can become a mammoth task to update the posts if you are posting in too many groups[/l] [l][b]NOTE –[/b] Lots of groups allow business posting but there are also lots that do not. So choose wisely as you could end up being penalised by the group’s admins[/l] [l][b]Step 2 –[/b] Decide on one or two different adverts to display in each group.[/l] [l]This step is more about keeping your campaigns manageable. More adverts means more time, so consider how much time per week you are willing to devote to the task. I try to keep to one or two adverts at a time, when we get round to bumping posts you’ll know why. You should try to make your posts as eye-catching and though provoking as possible. If you struggle to write creatively there are many sources of helpful tips strewn across the internet, just do a google search on writing effective adverts.[/l] [l][b]Step 3 –[/b] Decide how long to run each advert.[/l] [l]This may sound like a no brainer but I have noticed many people just recirculating their old posts over and over again. People get very bored of seeing the same stuff over and over so they tend to mentally block out those repeating posts. Change it up on a regular basis to keep things new and exciting so the other users of those groups take note of all your adverts. In my own experience I have found that releasing a new advert every couple of weeks is enough to build some familiarity with your company without the ads becoming stale.[/l] [l][b]Step 4 –[/b] Post your adverts![/l] [l]What good are your carefully crafted adverts if you do not post them? When you post to a group, using a computer, you will see a box with the name of the group next to the Post button. Click on this box and it will present you with a list of groups you can post to. Select all relevant groups and then click on Post. Your post will automatically be posted in each group you have selected. [/l] [l][b]Note –[/b] Some groups are listed as ‘open’, in which case your post will go up straight away, and some are listed as ‘closed’. In the closed groups you will have to wait for your post to be approved by an admin or moderator of that group which can sometimes take a while.[/l] [l][b]Step 5 –[/b] Bump your posts regularly.[/l] [l]This step requires a little bit of extra care and is the most time consuming out of all the steps. You will need to comment on each of your posts in every group so your post is ‘bumped’ to the top of the groups feed. Some groups impose rules surrounding bumping so make sure you check (you will usually find a groups rules in a ‘pinned post’). When bumping your posts make sure you clean up, i.e. delete any previous bumps. Don’t bump too often as Facebook will think you are a spammer. I recommend bumping every 48 hours[/l] [hdsm]** Extra Tips **[/hdsm] [l]If your adverts are engaging enough they will attract lots of commenters. Make sure that you personally engage each and every one of those commenters, just make sure any sensitive information is exchanged in a more private forum, such as Facebook’s messenger service or good old fashioned telephone and email. Engaging with these people encourages more people to engage.[/l] [l]You will notice that many of the comments will be someone ‘tagging’ someone else that they know that may be on the lookout for a service like yours. Make sure you engage with these comments, click on reply to comment and say hi. The worst that could happen is you are ignored. No big deal.[/l] [l]Thank you for reading this post, I hope that it helps. Do you have any comments or suggestions you’d like to add? Then fire away, either in the comments below or via email:[/l]

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My name is Michael Griffiths, I am a website designer and developer and the owner of Griffiths Web Design. I am based in Royston, Hertfordshire. Most of my work is local, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Essex etc. but that’s not to say I won’t work elsewhere. One of the wonders of modern technology is remote working. So no matter where the client is located it is always possible to connect.

I specialise in creating ASP.NET webforms applications using C#. I use Microsoft SQL Server for database development and on the front end I use Html, CSS and JavaScript. I am also proficient in the use of jQuery and several CSS frameworks.

One of my greatest passions in life is learning. Which is why I chose to pursue a career in web design and development, technology is in a state of constant and rapid evolution which means there is always something new to learn. I also enjoy writing, both fiction and non-fiction.


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