Michael Griffiths – Just some guy...

"My name is Michael and I help business owners, like you, build profitable and sustainable businesses"

This is my about page

(Are you yawning yet?)

My name is Michael Griffiths. Normally on an ‘about us’ page you’ll be presented with a load of boring, and probably pointless, information that you never wanted to know about a company. It’ll be a couple of paragraphs that will put even the most dedicated reader to sleep. The text that will be put forward is usually designed to shape your perception of a company. A perception that, very often, is not shared by the company’s audience.


When I sat down to write the content for this page I did exactly the same thing, I wrote a couple of snore inducing paragraphs about my company, its mission and where I see it being in the future. After writing it I took a few moments to read it back to myself and I was bored out of my mind. So I thought I’d take a different approach. I decided instead to bring the focus onto me as a person rather than the company itself. Hopefully what I am about to tell you about me will shed some light on me as an individual and give you a better sense of who I am and what makes me tick, at the very least you’ll be able to decide if you like me enough to want to work with me.


I’ll start by giving you a list of things that I love. Please bare in mind most of this has nothing to do with work but it is important to me as an individual.


How I ended up here…

Once upon a time, I lived and breathed hustle & grind culture. If I wasn’t working 16 hour days, 7 days a week, I felt like I was slacking off. The world around me was non-stop hustle. Every moment spent sleeping was an opportunity wasted. Nothing would stop me from conquering the world. Nothing!


I was a web developer that loved to get stuck into extremely complex coding and problem-solving. Some of my clients even went as far as calling me a genius because I was able to make their lives so much easier with the bespoke systems that I built for them and their corporate teams.


Between starting my business and becoming successful I did something a little silly.


I sacrificed relationships, time, energy and money to achieve what I thought I wanted, e.g to be financially free and secure. Despite not knowing at the time what freedom really was.


I did ok, business was good. That was until my brain decided it had put up with enough. At 29 years old I had a stroke. To cut a long story short, I had a close call with death and it was pretty much all thanks to putting in a little too much graft. Okay, a lot too much graft.


Nobody is capable of working 12+ hours a day, 7 days per week. Nobody. Everybody burns out when they try. Everybody!


As well as having to recover from that horrible ordeal, I also had to deal with super intense migraines that brought with them total blindness and partial paralysis that sometimes lasted for days on end. I have always had these migraines but now, they are so much more intense than ever.


Something had to change. It had to change quickly.


I realised that I needed to make changes to my business that would mean it could continue to function even when I could not. Not only that, I realised that for me to be able to continue to function, I needed to stop putting in all of the hours.


I spent some time studying time and energy management. A concept that up until this point in my life, I had given very little thought. In fact, until this point my only thoughts on the matter were, if you’re breathing then you should be grafting.


With a little help from an expert (actually, a team of experts and coaches) I put together a simple, yet powerful time and energy management strategy. The difference was felt almost immediately.


My work time was more focused than ever but, I was also getting more time to myself than I’d ever had since starting my business. With this change also came an increase in my income too. A win-win all around.


The changes I implemented weren’t just around how I spend my working hours, I also implemented a strict self-care regimen. Making sure that I am looking after myself properly.


Outside of my work life, I also found myself with more time for my children which has made a massive improvement to the quality of my (and my family’s) life. Being able to be successful in business is nice but nothing compares to the feeling of being present in the lives of your loved ones.


By being my own (relentless and unforgiving) taskmaster, I very nearly died. A wake-up call of the most intense kind. Since that day, I have helped lots of other entrepreneurs change their perceptions of time and energy management. Those entrepreneurs have gone onto making real and lasting changes in their lives; which, has enabled their businesses to grow and their personal lives improve a great deal.

So, yeah! That's some stuff about me that you may not already know. Head over to the contact page and tell me some things about you that I wouldn't otherwise know.